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The SunnySide energy Project

We are bringing "Sunshine to Sunnyside."

The History

In 2017, we were afforded an opportunity to submit an idea for the C40 Re-inventing Cities competition.  We joined about 70 other bidders and made the final 7 or so.  There were approximately 3 entities that made a final bid, but obviously none of them had the dynamics of positive change that the Sunnyside Energy proposal would bring to the Sunnyside community. (We don’t think they had any “community” features)  Needless to say, our Agriculture Hub component was our “Full House” card that may have been the game changer.  Now, “Sunshine is about to shine in Sunnyside”.

The Copenhagen Exhibition

All of the entities that submitted and won the C40 Re-inventing Cities competition were invited to Copenhagen, Denmark to display and communicate their projects. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend, but sent a video presentation detailing what our project would bring to the city of Houston.

Please click on the below link to view our presentation:

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